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Kirkham Michael Consulting Engineers



The congestion caused by a growing number of pedestrians, cyclists, personal vehicles and public transportation means that managing traffic flows effectively is more important than ever.

Kirkham Michael’s traffic engineers have effectively managed numerous traffic signal projects for communities as stand-alone projects as well as in conjunction with roadway or intersection improvement projects. We have taken these projects from study through design and construction management/inspection.

Traffic Services

  • Traffic Signal Design
  • - interconnect provision
    - plan specification provision
    - metering specifications
    - railroad/transit/emergency preemption provisions
    - loop or video detection provisions
    - foundation design
    - quality utility coordination process

  • Traffic Signal and Left Turn Phase Warrant Studies
  • - school and pedestrian crossing safety analysis
    - collision analysis
    - intersection configuration analysis recommendations
    - progression analysis
    - traffic counting

  • Intelligent Transportation Systems Design
  • Phasing and Timing Analysis and Recommendations
  • Pedestrian and Equestrian Trail Crossing Signal Design
  • Signal Construction Management and Inspection
  • Traffic Impact Analyses

Project Showcase:

Traffic signal
Rainy highway